What I’m Reading

I did some book shopping over the weekend...

The other day I was visiting a friend’s house when I caught a glimpse of a book on her shelf. It turned out to be the book that accompanied Tim Burton’s recent retrospective at MoMA, and I was enthralled by the sketches and drawings it showed.

And while I perused those pages, I realized that I haven’t been to a museum lately. Neither have I purchased any art books. That’s not a good thing!

Of course, I have lots of how-to books: ones about making altered books, and handmade journals, and collage techniques. But after seeing that book on her shelf,  I was thinking about the kind of  book that gives a peek into the mind of a single artist. One that doesn’t set out to teach you anything, but that makes you feel as if you had just gotten to know someone a bit better. And, of course, one that has so many great pictures in it that buying a version for your e-reader just doesn’t make sense. (Sometimes you need to touch and feel actual paper and ink, not electrons and pixels.)

So what else could I do but head to the bookstore the next day? (It was too late to arrange a trip to a museum that weekend.) At at store I found at least 10 books I wanted; to stay within my budget, I carefully choose three and went home to indulge.

I wish I could tell you that these books will improve my art skills. But I do find a good book inspiring, and after reading  just a few pages of the first one, I felt the urge to pick up my pen and get to work. I felt newly connected to the world of art and those who make it.

Just wait until I get to a museum!

P.S. If you have any “art-y” books that you love and think I should know about–leave a comment! I have an amazon.com gift certificate to use!

Art transforms us.