At the Core


They say that an element of being strong and certain is making decisions from your core–the center of who you are–your understanding of who you are and what is right.

It is what I try to remember when I am faced with tough choices and when everyone seems to have their own opinion of what I should do.

Decisions that seem complex are really not that complicated when you strip them down to their essentials. What is best for you isn’t so hard to figure out when you know what is fundamentally right.

Who am I? At the center, all questions are really this one, single, core question.

6 thoughts on “At the Core

  1. You spoke to me DIRECTLY with these words… These words were exactly what i needed this morning. i love what you said about ‘stripping decisions to their essentials”… yes. xox

  2. Wow Laura I love this post! Like Pauline that really speaks to me. Your words, for me, are so true. I’ve been doing this so much for lately. I’m listening to my intuition. I’ve read that your intuition is supposed to be your direct link to God. I believe that, for me. When I go with my intuition it always feels right. Thanks for a great post and sharing your lovely sketch. Great art, as usual !

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