Quick Update: The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition

My submission for The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition: spread 1

This hasn’t been a week conducive to blogging. It’s been too busy for clear thoughts… like “what’s my name again?”… let alone writing!

So rather than force myself to come up with something that wouldn’t be worth your precious reading time, I’ve photographed and posted the first three spreads from my contribution to The Sketchbook Project, Limited Edition. My theme is “The Secret and How We Tell It,” which I am excited about.

I used to create a lot of photocopier art, which I’ve incorporated into the book. I also took the time to rebind the book, creating new pages from 90 lbs. Canson Foundation Series Watercolor paper. This paper has been perfect–not too heavy for a slim book, yet heavy enough to take washes of acrylic color and layers of acrylic gloss medium without buckling.

There will be more pages from the book–and more meaningful blog entries–coming soon!

And P.S.–As I write this, there are still more than 1,000 openings for this project. Head over to arthousecoop.com to sign up!

Spread 2.

Spread 3.

2 thoughts on “Quick Update: The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition

  1. is this a completed book? Or are you currently working on this? I have a few blogfriends that have sent their books to The Brooklyn Art Museum and the show is in April. Should I look for you or will this be for a future event? Just curious:) I would love to be able to see your art in person! By the way,I love these pages!

    • The book that will be at the April show is the black and white one that I posted here on Nov. 19 and is also on flicker. I would be so excited if you could see it!!. This book (which I am about to finish!) is for the project that has just a book that will be created, but no exhibit.

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