An Easy Journal to Make

Recently, I’ve seen a few artists online who have made Teesha Moore’s 16-page journal. That motivated me to post the instructions for Pam Carriker’s 12-page journal, although I haven’t posted a “how-to” here before.

I like Pam’s journal because it’s a bit simpler, involves no measuring, uses the single sheet efficiently, and can easily be adapted to any size sheet. And it really does take only about ten minutes to make! I have made this type of journal twice, both times using 14×17 sheets of Strathmore drawing paper. (One is the Everyday Journal I posted on flickr: I like to work small, but I think I will try making one from a 22×30 sheet next time.

Some notes on the instructions: 1) Maybe you want to reverse steps 4 and 5 so that you don’t accidentally tear open the folds that are to be to the spine. 2) For heavier paper, wet the edges you will tear open; it makes it easier. 3) Want 24 pages? Just do the same steps with two sheets at once instead of one.

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “An Easy Journal to Make

  1. Thanks for this. I made the 16 page journal but I think I will try this one next time. Also I used 140bl cold press but find its a big heavy, did you use 90 or 140 lb for yours? very curious. thanks!

    • Yes, the 140 lb is a bit heavy, but I made one from 90 lb paper and I find it isn’t heavy enough… but then again it might be the type, or brand of paper since it is a “mixed media” paper and not watercolor paper. Just like mascara–I am still in search of the perfect one!

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