Check Out Creative (Un)block!

Talented journalist and crafter Roberta Wax asked me to appear as a guest on her blog, Creative (Un)block. Check it out for a recent journal page and collage that I haven’t posted here yet!

Here’s the link:

You should go there!

6 thoughts on “Check Out Creative (Un)block!

    • Hi Fran!
      Thanks for visiting Roberta’s blog! You should check out Gilbert’s TED talk if you have time–it’s really really good!

      And yes, I accidentely deleted your other comment. 😦 I was using my iPod to read it and “touched” the wrong place. Sorry!!!

  1. I did, I just watched it and all I can say is that I am speechless. I really needed to hear that and I think so many people would find that as inspiring and helpful as i did. I am going to adopt that way of thinking. And you know one could apply that to so many aspects of life. Thank you for directing me to that Laura!

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