The Return of My Handwriting

Yes, the extension list of my co-workers that I keep at my desk is rather… haphazard. The pink Post-it has notes that are years old; the blue was written just a few weeks ago.

This week I was cleaning my desk at work and trying to corral the herd of Post-it Notes that had spread all over it. I started to pile the notes together, and that’s when I noticed my handwriting. I was surprised and elated to see that the names and extensions on notes I had written before my surgery looked just like the ones I had written last week!

Normally, cleaning off my desk is a sober chore, since besides notes, I have many folders I use and re-use, most with handwritten labels from either before my surgery, or from right after it, or from the present. The result is that I have many visual reminders of how the handwriting I worked so hard at–tried so hard to make into a reflection of me and my personality–deteriorated after my surgery.

Back during my days at rehab, I told my occupational therapist about my difficulty writing and, as a result, my handwriting despair. She told me not to worry; it would come back. And every month or so she’d ask, “Is is back yet?” with expectation and hope. But it never happened while I worked with her. It took more time than that.

But now–finally! Four and a half years after my brain surgery and my handwriting looks like its old self! Hooray!

Now, if you think it’s silly or strange for me to care about my handwriting returning to its former look, I don’t blame you. After learning to walk, talk, and feed myself again, I should be content and not worry what my writing looks like. Right?

But sometimes it’s the little things that matter a lot, and I’ve chosen to enjoy this small victory for a while. It makes me hopeful. And happy. And it renews my faith in being patient.

Seeing some great examples of street art recently inspired me to work in my "Walls" notebook again.

I took the photograph in this collage about 8 years ago somewhere arond Hoboken or Jersey City.

2 thoughts on “The Return of My Handwriting

  1. This is great! So glad to hear this and I don’t think its a small matter at all. I can’t even imagine all the hard work you’ve gone through but I can understand your wanting to have your handwriting back. Its so much apart of you and you don’t even realize it, right? When I was a kid I write my name over and over and over, trying out different styles! Granted today with computer, etc I don’t write anywhere near the amount I did years ago so I like seeing it when I write out a card or note to the teacher. The checks…those I can do without ;))
    Great post Laura!

    • I hear you about the checks! When I was working with the occupational therapist at first, she gave me some worksheets to do that involved writing out checks and a check register. I had to ask, “Are you kidding me? Doesn’t everyone bank online now?”
      At work, I take a lot of handwritten notes at meetings. Some people have started bringing their laptops to conference rooms and take notes by typing. I’d rather write. I remember things better once I have written them out, and besides, it has given me the practice I needed to get my writing back!

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