A Commercial Announcement

Ahhh, sweet shopping surprises!

For some, it’s the perfect pair of pants. For others, it’s the ideal decor item for their home. For me, a beautiful blank journal is what’s  irresistible.

Of course, when shopping, it’s the unexpected find that is sweetest. It’s those times when you’re out and about to accomplish some mundane task, but are savvy enough to recognize the treasure waiting for you–that’s what really shows your shopping skill. (After all, it’s not the same if you just find what you are looking for.  Where’s the triumph and surprise in that?)

So… Just the other day I was at Marshall’s trying to find a birthday present for a four-year-old girl that I don’t know very well, who I was determined not to spend more than $20 on, and whose party was the next day. I was goal-oriented, yet uncertain. So I wandered the aisles of the store, even after I had chosen a present for her–you know, just in case there was something better hiding behind the next corner. You know how Marshall’s is.

And somewhere in the gifts/stationery/home office aisle, I came upon these wonderful journals, the best shopping surprise I’ve had since I spotted that shirt for $9.98 at Banana Republic a few months ago. Wonderful Italian papers on the covers. Heavyweight paper with the color and texture of eggshells inside. Made in Italy, and with that elegant “tall and thin” ratio you see so often used for European magazines. (They measure 9×13″.) They were just $4 each. As another editor at work would sum it up: *swoon.*

There were three on the shelf; I bought two, not wanting to be greedy. (Who knows, there could be another journal artist in my neighborhood who also should experience these beautiful books!) I hurried to the check-out, probably passing by the perfect pair of pants.


4 thoughts on “A Commercial Announcement

  1. Hi Laura,

    I know exactly what you are talking about… the hairs on my arms stands up and I get a thrill chill every time I go into a good art store, like Pearl Paint. It’s just wonderful!

    How have you been? I’ve written you a couple of letters but I never heard back from you. Did you get them?

    Are you coming to New Jersey this summer, did you already come?

    I keep thinking you will come to see your Mom and we can do a project together. I have no one to play with, I still miss you a lot.

    Are you using word-press, I would love to know that program.

    I love your idea for a Brain Journal, it’s brilliant, really!

    Please write to me sometime – I hope everything is great for everyone and please say Hello to all.



    • Hi Susan!!! Oh gosh, I could use a good trip to Pearl Paint about now!

      No trip to NJ this year. We’re too broke! I have done a few day trips here and there with the boys, but that’s all we can manage.

      I will write to you on FB–maybe we need to do a project by mail–you know, take turn working on it and then send it to each other?

  2. Great post! I am glad to hear about your find! Journals are pretty irresistible for me as well. I try hard to keep it under control..:) TJMax is good for finding some neat things too. A Dick BLick just opened up a few towns away and they are probably sick of my face! I go in righ to the discount table. love it there!

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