Journals: By the Numbers

A simple journal page from one of the four journals I'm working in right now.

Some simple stats…

The number of  journals have I completed: 18

For how many years have I kept an art or visual journal?: 14

How many blank journals are in my art cabinet, waiting to be filled?: 6  (How many of those are Moleskines?: 3)

The number of art journals I am working in right now: 4  (That’s the most I’ve ever had going at once!)

The number of novels and memoirs that I started to read last month but put aside for my journals: 3

How many of my completed journals are now lost because I lent them to a friend who proved unworthy of that trust?: 2

The number of journals I currently have on loan to friends: 0

2 thoughts on “Journals: By the Numbers

    • Hi Fran!
      I’ve always used the 3 1/2 by 5 1/2 size Moleskines. I love the watercolor ones, and I recently found, at the bottom of an over-stuffed drawer, an older Moleskine sketchbook that has the heavier weight paper!

      I just bought one of the larger size Moleskine to challenge myself to work on larger pieces, but… I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.


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